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NBN issues

NBN - confusion over copper disconnection Telstra has begun disconnecting some NBN-connected communities from the copper network, under provisions that allow for disconnection 18 months after the NBN has been in place. Telstra began disconnecting some NBN-connected communities from the copper network on 23 May, under provisions that allow for disconnection 18 months after the NBN has been in place. The areas scheduled for disconnection were parts of Armidale and Kiama in New South Wales; Brunswick and South Morang in Victoria; Townsville, Queensland; Willunga, South Australia; and Deloraine, George Town, Kingston, Sorrell, St Helens and Triabunna in Tasmania. Businesses and..  - Read More

Deadline for broadband

Broadband users face deadline as NBN Co readies compulsory copper cut-off Two-thirds of Australians still believe connecting to the NBN is a optional: iiNET Thousands of broadband users are in for a rude shock tomorrow as NBN Co prepares to enforce the first compulsory cut-offs from the old copper network. NBN Co previously announced that it will start disconnecting the old telephone network in 15 first release areas from May 23, 2014, leaving consumers and businesses to rely exclusively on the new network for Internet and phone services. However, new research has revealed more than more than two-thirds of Australians..  - Read More

Improve Office Productivity with Managed Print!

Remaining productive is vital in any business. Making the most of your employee time and keeping your business activities streamlined and efficient is vital in maintaining a competitive edge. Office printing is often not considered when businesses work out their overheads. Nor is it generally recognised as being something that damages workflow within the business. Yet office printing is regularly very costly (easily as high as 3-5% of your business turnover) and is riddled with hidden costs; IT Staff time, workflow delays, service costs, fluctuations in supplies pricing, and time spent maintaining multiple suppliers. A company turning over just $1m..  - Read More

NBN Legislation

UPDATED: Government introduces NBN legislation amendments New amendments to legislation concerning the NBN will address anti-cherry picking laws and NBN Co's role as a wholesale-only provider. Update: The Government has introduced amendments to legislation pertaining to the National Broadband Network (NBN) in an attempt to remediate concerns over anti-cherry picking laws and NBN Co's wholesale-only obigation. Cherry-picking refers to ISPs implementing their fibre networks to undercut the NBN Co in high-density areas prior to the NBN’s rollout. These ISPs can then charge less for their services than NBN Co because they don’t need to subsidise the rollout of a network in low-density and..  - Read More

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