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CCTV systems in have become the biggest deterrent to any would-be criminal; not getting caught is their most important priority. Having to disguise themselves makes them stand out before they even commit the crime.

The latest CCTV systems allow would-be criminals to be detected before crimes are even committed. CCTV systems that are monitored remotely can also audibly challenge would-be criminals and often this is enough to warn them off.

In recent years, security systems have improved greatly in recording quality, moving from video recorders to hard-drive based digital recording machines. Video can now be stored for thirty days or more on one hard drive, allowing information to be accessed for a longer period of time.

The cost of these types of systems has now made CCTV affordable to not only big corporate buildings, but to the small business market as well.

The importance of installing and maintaining a quality CCTV system is obvious, when choosing your system you can't afford to pay too little... We often create solutions after breaches and issues to minimise customer exposure when they have already installed a cheap, inferior system poorly planned and installed. 




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