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NS1000 Cube For Business
The Panasonic KX-NS1000 Business Communications system is a highly scalable IP based system that has been designed to address the requirements of any company – from small-to-medium businesses to enterprise customers. The KX-NS1000 can scale to 1000 extensions with one-look network. The KX-NS1000 includes an advanced call routing function for small to medium size call centres without the need for an external server.

Adaptable to the way each organisation works, the KX-NS1000 not only operates as a pure IP system, but also allows existing Panasonic legacy systems to expand, via integrating with the Panasonic KX-NS1000. No matter how large or small, the KX-NS1000 is suitable for all kinds of businesses or industries.

The Panasonic KX-NS1000 Pure-IP PBX is the ideal advanced communications platform for medium to large businesses requiring an all IP networking solution with SIP connectivity that is NBN-ready.
The system is highly scalable from small/ medium size configuration to Enterprise (~1000 users) configuration. The system supports Panasonic’s One-look Networking where a single KX-NS1000 works and provides PBX features even though two or more KX-NS series systems are networked. A maximum of 16 sites can be connected onto a NS1000 one-look network.

Existing Panasonic KX-NCP500, KX-NCP1000, KX-TDE200 and KX-TDE600 PBX customers can easily migrate to future proof IP system by connecting their legacy systems to a KX-NS1000 communication system.

Key Features
IP- Networking- Flexibility and Easy Setup
The KX-NS1000 enables you to easily install IP devices if you have an internet connection – without using a VPN. It also enables you to perform maintenance from a remote site without having to travel to the office. You can also install IP terminals in branch offices without having to visit them.
Email Integration
The KX-NS1000 sends an e-mail to the corresponding user when they have new messages/FAX. Missed calls without a voice message also can be e-mailed. Receiving e-mail means you will not miss contact from your customers.
Fax Server
With its fax server, the KX-NS1000 can receive, distribute, and send faxes. Received faxes can be saved in mail boxes and notify you via the message waiting lamp or e-mail, forwarded, printed, and downloaded.
Call Centre Solution
The KX-NS1000 includes an advanced call routing function for small to medium size call centres. This function can be used without an external CTI server. It enables you to provide various functions. Furthermore, the solutions can be expanded to suit more sophisticated call centres in combination with Voice Mail functions, the Communication Assistant and third party CTI applications.
Multi-Cell DECT System
The Multi-Cell DECT System lets you carry on your conversation over lightweight, wireless extensions while you are away from your desk or moving around an office, factory, warehouse, or other large facility.
Mobile Unified Communication
You can use smartphones just like office extensions, as well as chatting, image sharing, and video communication.
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