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"If somehow you happen to find a lower advertised price within 14 days of purchase, and meet the qualifications - we'll simply refund you 110% of the difference."
Terms and Conditions
Buy any product from us if you find a lower advertised price within 14 days of purchase and meet the following qualifications, we'll simply refund you 110% of the difference.
1. The product must be purchased from Cube (We/Us) direct (without using a voucher or gift certificate)
2. The product must be the exact same make, model, and colour purchased from Us
3. The merchant offering the lower price must have the product currently in stock
4. Consideration must include the total price of purchase (Including shipping, taxes and other charges that may apply - Rent, Lease & any other type of repayment plan are excluded)
5. Applies to claims made strictly within 14 days from purchase date
6. Limited to only one (1) claim in any 90 day period per customer
7. Limited to three (3) identical items per customer per claim
8. Does not apply to items which are not new
9. Does not apply to auction sites, seller must have an established online store and be a registered business
10. Does not apply to merchants offering special promotions such as free shipping, sale prices, rebate offers, coupon offers, quantity discounts or membership requirements for buyers and/or sellers
11. Should the product include service and/or installation the price comparison may only be valid if the competitor is a authorised dealer of the equipment
12. You must comply with any reasonable request for information to establish the validity, inclusions and accuracy of the comparison
13. Subject to rejection or change without prior notice and at the sole discretion of Us.

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