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We offer and recommend professional messaging to take advantage of your Number One communications tool - the digital telephone system!

We have a range of packages to suit your business like:

  • Music On Hold

  • Automated Attendant Message

  • IVR Message

  • After Hours/ Night Message

  • Delay/ Day Message

  • Voicemail Recordings

We have a vast range of voice talent available for selection to compliment your business from Corporate Male & Female to the less serious and casually inviting.

4 BIG Ways 

Messaging will 

improve your 


1. Build a professional image

Enhance your brand. A professional image is everything to a business. Always leave a lasting impression. Take control of how customers perceive your business. Grab their attention and hold onto it. What callers hear, or don’t hear while on-hold forms a lasting impression every time. It’s important that your business sounds professional. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


2. Stand apart from the crowd

Why sound like everyone else? Companies spend big $$$ to get the phone ringing. Why would you not promote a professional image when they actually call? Stand out from the rest. Promote your point of difference by letting us speak your brand through Phone System Marketing. We’ll create a “feeling” within anybody who comes in to your business. Why you? Allow your company’s voice to shine through…


3. Command confidence

Sound good. Look good. Fill everyone with confidence. 

As a customer, “perception” is everything. Their 

perception of your business is influenced every time 

you interact with them. For existing customers, remind 

them of all the great reasons of why they should be doing 

business with You.


4. Sell more

“HOW ELSE” you can help your customer = More Profit. 

If you’re smart about it, you can use it as a marketing 

tool to increase your bottom line $$$. Every caller on-

hold is an opportunity. Make every phone-call count

Increase your existing customers’ average spend with 

you. CROSS-PROMOTE- let them know about your other 

products and services?

What’s one(1) extra sale worth to you? $ _____________ 

Listen to this!

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