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Flexibility, advanced applications and investment protection

plus SIP trunking certifications

The SL1100 provides you with all of the advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP or IP Voice) to help you remain competitive in today’s marketplace. This technology offers you:


A VoIP-enabled infrastructure enables your employees to communicate from any location. Employees can move their phone to any extension, whether it’s in your main facility or a remote/home office, and simply login to access their entire feature set and messages. Softphones on their laptops can also provide them with the same functionality through Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity.

Advanced Applications

Without this amazing technology, advanced unified communication applications would not be possible. These advanced applications can help you to increase efficiency, productivity and collaboration. It also enables you to tailor communications to an individual’s role to meet their specific needs.

Investment Protection

A key benefit is a single converged architecture. It supports both voice and data and eliminates the need to maintain two infrastructures. With IP Voice, you can be assured that your infrastructure will support emerging devices and applications for years to come.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking has been shown to dramatically reduce monthly recurring operating costs over traditional digital telephony services. NEC’s SL1100 communications platforms are SIP-certified with a variety of service and technology providers. To connect to a digital technology service provider in your area, contact Us today so we can show you how!

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